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B&H / C18 Statement (Hungary)

 Statement from B&H/C18

To all comrades and friends.

It is time that we give our views on the allegations that have been spread in recent weeks.

Our intention was not for this to happen, nor do we feel the need, or have the will to profile ourselves as better than others. However, since the Code of Ethics has been broken, we are forced to take this step.

I don`t know what has gone wrong with you Miki? Maybe the money overwhelmed your senses but we will stop your rampage by any means. In recent weeks and months, we (B&H/C18 Hungary) were attacked by “B&H” Hungary. These attacks consisted of intrigues, and also threats via E-mails and on Facebook.

How and why did it all start? For this we need to go back to September 2013.

There, at that time the ISD-Memorial concert and at the same time the 15th anniversary of B&H Hungary took place. In the meetings prior to this questions were asked about why the money belonging to B&H Hungary always was gone. Why do events carried out continuously generate a loss and why does no-one want to go there? The ironic answer was, "We spent it on drinking" or "we went on vacation from it". It was also clear that you at the ISD-Memorial spent 90,000 forints (around 300 €) on serving pizza for the guests, and beer for the half price , while the other half was to be paid by the B&H Fund.

 After this event it was once again clear that there was a loss of money, which of course resulted in that the members of B&H had to pay back the money into the B&H Fund. At the next meeting, which took place on December 14th, troubles were expected, and of course also happened. The comrades who were not present at the meeting were simply kicked out from B&H Hungary, also some were not 100 % sure if they wanted to stay.

Here is a quote from a conversation with another member of B&H Hungary:

 “Well about this "Miki" (Division leader B&H Hungary) question .... if I do not get an honest answer I will leave B&H Hungary. He sees everything only from his point of view. If you will leave (Dani and some others) then barely any of the young comrades will stay with us. About those like "B", we won´t even talk about it. The meetings have no effect, what some has planned and want to do are the only things happening anyway.

Now he will get a big punch from life. If you go now I 'm curious to see his reaction! If he will not even notice it now then we can let it all go down the drain itself. You (Dani and some others) will go and that's the problem. If things are not resolved then I leave the meeting immediately. You " Dani " are now once again the one that has to take responsibility for everything. Like it always has been.“

 The problem is that everything will come back to you Miki, such a B&H Division will not be tolerated for long. He (Miki) should instead work with "P", "T" had a wise suggestion: "We should throw Miki out”.

 Until February 2014 everything seemed okay, but in the background B&H Hungary (and just to be straight, it did not come from B&H/C18) talked shit about other NS-groups in a internal forum. For example: "In my experience, our thought-changes are nothing compared to the hysteria of the Hammerskins and those from S4S. They act like women who did not get their menstruation in six months and then finally got them 6 times in a row ".

 In the end of February, B&H Hungary appointed themself as the “Police” of the movement. This happened after they planned a Solidarity T-Shirt that was to be made for the Day of Honour. For us the question arose, why do such “moral” crusaders not deal with their own shit? Especially when they tolerate people that cover up rapes and that send their children to an Asian toddler group, or organize an election graduation ceremony for the jeweller Andor who is a known anti-fascist. To just name a few things.

 They also talked shit about the comradeship MNA . Of course, only internal.

 In the end of February it was already clear that we would start up B&H/C18 Division Hungary. In April as the official founding of B&H/C18 was announced, at a concert where Oidoxie played for the first time in Hungary and a demonstration was held, B&D (from now we will only call you Blood & Dishonour) also beforehand spread their lies on the Internet.

Of course, anonymous. Just now comrades from all over Europe are involved in this dispute and only because of one person.

 Here is also a letter that we have from an ex-girlfriend of a “honorable” B&D Hungary member:

 Is this your blood and your honour? Just so I put this straight. I have done so much for you (B&D Hungary). For that reason you can listen once to what i have to say. Why I did end my relationship with "H" has very specific reasons. That is really nobody's concern but since I 'm dragged through the mud, I would like to make a statement about it. We were together for 2 years and he cheated on me at this time with 4 or 5 women at the same time. These were not always of Hungarian descent and even not of Aryan descent. At this time I worked two or three different jobs and he had a life in the lap of luxury. I paid everything for him, all his clothes, the football games, food and so on. No matter what he wanted, he got it. When I was pregnant , he always had something else to do and I was alone at home. Even when there was complications, he did not even accompany me to the hospital. From this time I knew what kind of game he played. When I asked him about it he was immediately aggressive and I got the reaction that I don’t wish anyone else to get. Since that time I was afraid of him, I had to leave my own home. I got more and more threats from him and in the end the police had to remove him from the apartment. It was agreed that he will give back the phone which he got from me, so i don`t get a high phonebill. In the end I had to pay 240.000 Forint (around 790 €) for it. Money that was saved for the child, 80.000 forints (about 260 €), he also took! When I was pregnant again by another man later, he threatened to kill my unborn child. Before my wedding he damaged my mother's car. I don`t expect any of you to be on my side. I just believe that I have the right to express myself as well. I have seen B&H Hungary as my second family, have always helped and stood by your side but when I got your response to my troubles my world broke down. Is it Blood & Honour when members beat women, torture animals, steal and act like gypsies?

 Where is your glory and your honour?

You call yourselves Blood & Honour?

We just call it Dishonour!

 Blood & Honour/Combat 18 Divisions Hungary, England, Scandinavia, Serbia, Spain and Bulgaria



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