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Skrewdriver Lyrics

Skrewdriver Lyrics for all the Skrewdriver fans that remain loyal and true to Ian Stuart's work and the Blood & Honour Movement.


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Blood & Honour ISD Memorial 2008

The ISD memorial 2008 took place on the 6th of September 2008. With over 600 people in attendance.

The venue was a modified gymnasium, which provided a great atmosphere and sound. Slowly, Ehre und Stolz started to warm themselves up with some drumming. Like usual, they played the good classics one could expect from them and the music equipment was really great. The crowd was still a bit quiet. But over time, they got more and more into the music and contributed to a great atmosphere.

Right after Ehre und Stolz, it was Oidoxie's turn. One could recognize this easily by noticing some people gathering in front of the stage with Streetfightingcrew-shirts. Oidoxie was a lot of fun as usual and their new song called "Rechtsrockmafia" definitely rocks. The comrades from Oidoxie also spread out an antifa flag on the stage and set it on fire. The singer of Oidoxie then requested a minute of silence for Ian Stuart. Afterwards, lots of classic songs of the band were played and action in the moshing pit was great. It's always nice to see the guys from Oidoxie again.

The third band up were No Remorse. They played their usual classics starting with Smash the Reds. Big J. fired up the crowd big time and even their legendary bass player jumped up and down the stage! From songs like Zigger Zigger to Deutschland, all the audience' favorites were on the play list. No Remorse played on the stage for a good 45 minutes and sounded great like always!

A lot of people had left the venue to catch some fresh air outside. But when the announcement came that Sturm 18 was going to play, the venue was full again within two minutes. The singer and the band started with title 13 of their debut album "Infernalo", which was followed by a transition where one could just hear the words "Es marschiert der Sturm 18 unsere Fahnen werden wieder wehen. (Sturm 18 is marching and our flags will wave again)". Suddenly the moshing pit started to fill again. Everybody who could sing, sang along and the mood reached its climax.

Following was a set of several blasters from their old CD up to the new CDs. The song "Alte Geschichte (old story)" was performed in a different way. However, it had to be re-played due to the desire of the audience, because it was perfectly varied by starting slowly and becoming faster and faster all the time. "Brauner Terrorist (brown terrorist)" was also played twice and accompanied by the audience. Sadly, after about one hour Sturm 18 was finished.

Next up was one of the first Blood & Honour English bands, Razors Edge. It started with an old-school moshing pit action in front of the stage and the mood started to increase with every minute. Razors Edge played a good set as usual, of course the anthem Whatever it Takes didn't lack! To commemorate Ian Stuart the band played 5 Skrewdriver songs, Hail the New Dawn and Free my Land being 2 of them. Big J. and special guest, the singer of Chingford Attack, joined Andy on stage to sing the Skrewdriver songs together, which made this Razors Edge gig a legendary one, as well as a perfect tribute to Ian Stuart!

Now following was the surprise band. Those who know the band knew what they could expect. Of course, they were excellent. One knew their songs by heart. They played a great set and created a very good atmosphere amongst the crowd who were singing their songs along!

Last but absolutely not least were Empire Falls from the USA. A real pity, as Empire Falls played a fantastic set! Empire Falls play a mix of RAC and usa-hardcore and they did it full of energy and power. Their singer had a good voice and is a great front man. Their guitar player has great skills and the bassist appearance reminded a bit of Lemmy and played the bass fantastic! Great drum parts completed it all! It was great to get to know the guys from Empire Falls and their music and we certainly hope Empire Falls will return to Europe to play another gig!

Over 600 attended this event to commemorate Ian Stuart. There were no cops. Each of the announced bands played. The meeting point was perfect and the venue wasn't far away. The sound equipment was excellent. The merchandise stands were also good. Security did a great job. A big thanks to them, the bands and the Oidoxie crew!

Blood & Honour / Combat 18 - Whatever it takes!



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