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The Blood & Honour Forum is one of the most highly visited and highly used Nationalist Forums on the Internet


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Blood & Honour Radio is the first of it's kind using dynamic content to advertise the bands via streaming audio. B&H Radio was introduced in 2004 being the 1st valid 28 Radio. Various people tried to duplicate and copy B&H Radio throughout the years but none have lasted the test of time or legitimacy


Skrewdriver Lyrics

Skrewdriver Lyrics for all the Skrewdriver fans that remain loyal and true to Ian Stuart's work and the Blood & Honour Movement.

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Skrewdriver former member releases new cd ""Guilty"' with his latest band Flathead FH33. p.m for details on how to order.Listen to sample here  http://www.icenirecords.com/

Blood and Honour - Adolf Hitler birthday bash 2013 England

This year's Blood and Honour's Adolf Hitler birthday bash went ahead on the outskirts of London and what a great little bash it was.

The venue was excellent. Great bands, great atmosphere.

First up were east London's finest Chingford Attack. Blasting through all the old fave's from their fist CD; Dirty White Whore, Death or Glory, White Power Skinheads etc. and mixing in a few covers such as Hail the New Dawn and Sweet Home Alabama. There was something for everyone.

Next up were Voice of Britain, with members of No Remorse, Razors Edge and Frenchy of Skrewdriver playing together. The crowd loved it from the start as Frenchy's iconic 'Back with a Bang' bass riff launched the band in their set of Skrewdriver covers. All the favorites Back with a Bang, Voice of Britain, Europe Awake, Blood and Honour, Hail the New Dawn, White Power and Free My Land. The crowd went mental and the dance floor was heaving. The band finished with Andy belting out Whatever it Takes, an anthem if ever there was one!

After Voice of Britain our guest band from Poland took the stage. Obled stormed through their set playing new material as well as a number of Konkwista 88 songs. The dance floor was packed with their followers who made it from Poland and their English comrades. Obled's music is a cross between skinhead and metal and they delivered their set as professionals with many catchy riffs and songs for the crowd to remember.

Last but not least were No Remorse. Bang straight into Smash the Reds which always makes the crowd go nuts. Then This Time the World, Start up the Panzers, Rudolf Hess, Bloodsucker, Hate your Face, all the crowds favorites were there and they were mad for it. 25 years and still going strong.

Well done to the bands, the organizers and all the B&H/C18 lads who made it such a good night.

Statement from Blood & Honour / Combat 18 April 2010

Paul Burnley traitorous scum.

It could be just as easy to say , "We told you so", in regards to Paul Burnley's new treachery , however it is come to our attention that the bottom feeders who have supported Burnley all these years are trying to give the blame to us.  A ridiculous and shameful accusation whose idiotism is only surpassed by the people who would believe it.

Therefore it is Blood & Hounor's duty to set the records straight.

B&D.org Quote

"or maybe that fact so many stood back and watched as he was attacked by wilf and co then continually lied about and threatened still while people still sat back and said nowt. every action has a reaction so the person you now see is a result of the lack of loyality he received from 28 back in the day"

Reply from No Remorse

"He deserved getting hit, slagging people off behind their backs and shit stirring. He deserved getting hit for the bullshit he said about Ian Stuart behind his back. Blood & Honour to him was a vehicle for self promotion".

Blood & Honour always knew Paul was an ego maniac with the wrong intentions and thus was shunned by the legitimate Blood & Honour Movement. Hence he had to take refuge with the musical weirdoes who use the Blood & Honour name at bh.org.

And now that there is no denying what an all out wanker Paul Burnley is, these so called White Men have seized the opportunity to lay blame on Blood & Honour Combat 18 and not where it actually lays, that with Paul Himself. A shameful and embarrassing tactic we have seen before with Chris Castle.

The people in the legitimate Blood & Honour Movement are not in it for the social status or approval from others . They are in it for a political and racial cause.  To say that Paul turned into a traitorous wanker because of how he was treated is the same ideology that ZOG and the Reds use to explain the actions of non-white crime. "It's not their fault, it's their environment".  Bollocks to that.

We have seen the same ZOG tactic in the Jewish made movie American History X. Where Derek Vinyard is mistreated by an Aryan prison gang, so because of that treatment, Derek said  the Movement is a lie. No wonder it is so befitting for the wankers at bh.org to adopt this type of reasoning.

The Movement is not about your social status, how you are personally treated by others, what dislikes you may have with others, etc. The Movement is NOT about YOU it is about RACE. But apparently according to the tossers at bh.org, Paul turned into an anti-Nazi because he was mistreated by C18.

THE FACT IS: For years these wankers masquerading  as Blood & Honour have stood by and supported Paul while the legitimate Blood & Honour shunned him.  Even after his delusional book called "Nazi Rock Star". And when it finally all comes out in the open with no denying it, these wankstains scramble to save face and blame us for Paul's treachery.    Birds of a Feather Flock Together...

And If anyone is worried about what Paul has said on camera, you should then be worried about what Paul has said off camera.

Blood & Honour / Combat 18

"Weak men crave unity. Strong men earn it"


Blood & Honour ISD Memorial 2008

Blood & Honour held it's 14th annual Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial for 2008 with a huge success. | more

B&H/C18 Russia Fest 2008

Organized by Russian division of B&H/C18, a yearly musical WP/NS fest took place in the mountains of Northern Caucasus (Russia) on Saturday the 12th of July 2008. | more


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